Plant of the Week - Calycanthus

This week’s pick is summer bloomer.Looks great, and smells even better.It’s an old shrub; brings back memories to those whose mother or grandma had one in their yard, remembering that wonderful sweet fragrance (flower, stems and foliage).An oldie, yes, and definitely a goodie, especially the newer selection called Aphrodite.Our pick?Calycanthus, or commonly known as ‘Sweetshrub’, and the selection is Aphrodite.

Hardy Zone 5-9 / takes sun but like part sun better / glossy green foliage / fragrant red magnolia like flower - summer bloomer and into fall (blooms on old and new wood) / 5-6’ plus high and wide (upright – prune to size) / deciduous / native to eastern US / sun or filtered shade