Plants of the Week - "Snow" plants for warm weather

This week (and much of last) has been all snow.And it has been absolutely fantastic, unless you’re Joe Strecker.As we all know, Joe simply hates snow.Period.Thus, his dream to retire in Arizona.So I thought that this week, we’d pick a few plants that Joe can add to his landscape, that will help remind him of snow during the warmth of the summer, when we’re having those Arizona like temperatures. 😊

Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake’ – Here is a beautiful shrub with a broadly rounded shape, usually 6-8’ x 8-10’, developing beautiful white flowers along its horizontally layered branching, which start late spring and go well into the summer.And follows up with red fruits in the fall.A natural shrub for borders, hedging, island planting, filling large open areas, etc. Sun to part shade. Great for the wildlife.

Symphoricarpus a. Snowberry – A native shrub, used in mass or naturalized areas, with thin cascading branches who become covered with small pink flower spikes in late spring / early summer, followed by clusters of white berries in fall.Medium sized shrub, likes sun to part shade, and great for the wildlife.

Caryopteris d. ‘Snow Fairy’ –Somewhat considered a woody perennial, this smaller grower reaches only 24-36 inches high and wide, with variegated foliage (green with irregular white margins), producing bluish flowers mid to late summer and into the fall.Great pollinator plant, loves the sun, has fragrant foliage, and great in perennial borders, shrub borders, containers, butterfly gardens, etc.