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Mother's Day Gift Ideas From Rita

Wondering what to gift that special mom for Mother’s Day? Let’s make a personalize planter with herbs that she can use every day.

How do you personalize a planter?

Think of the way she uses herbs. Tex Mex Southwestern cooking? A Southwestern garden with cilantro, garlic chives, lime mint and hot & spicy oregano comes to mind.

Another benefit is being able to overwinter many indoors. Herbs all year!

Easy to grow

Herbs aren’t real particular; in fact, most grow well in good potting soil with excellent drainage.

Take into account space, sun and water requirements.

Mix & match? Go for it!

For growing specifics and more recipes, log onto

Tea Garden

Hydrating and healing. A tablespoon of fresh or a teaspoon of dried, steeped in 8 oz boiling water for several minutes, then strained, will produce a cup of love.


Mint. Peppermint is good for digestion.

Chamomile and Lavender: Trouble sleeping? Both make lovely, calming teas.

Fennel. Licorice flavored, warms and soothes.

Thyme and sage. Together these are good for upper respiratory health.

Stevia. Natural sugar substitute. Non caloric and diabetic safe.

Spa/Bath Garden

Place herbs in cheesecloth pouch, tied. Let hot water stream over herbs as the tub is filling.


Eucalyptus. Opens up sinuses. Combine it with thyme and sage for a powerful healing trio.

Lemon balm. Clean, lemon aroma with hint of mint.

Lavender. A popular aromatherapy plant. Calming, especially when combined with chamomile.

Rose petals. Fragrant and lovely.

Essential Kitchen Herbs Garden


Basil. You can’t go wrong with Sweet basil for pestos and everyday cooking. For smaller containers, Globe or Minet grow in a 12” rounded shape. Make a basil paste with basil and olive oil, then freeze to make winter pesto.

Parsley. Pretty and useful. Italian or curly — you choose.

Chives. Both onion and garlic chives are cut & come again herbs.

Rosemary. The piney flavor is excellent in soups, stews and root vegetables. Choose from upright and smaller, trailing varieties.

Oregano. Greek is chef’s choice. Italian oregano has a more mild flavor.

Sage. Variegated sages stay fairly small and are striking. Bergarten sage is a slower bolting sage with large leaves.

Mint. Peppermint is strong flavored. Spearmint is sweeter. Mints are invasive. Even stems are known to root if they reach soil. Lots of varieties.

Thyme. French is the gold standard. Earthy and peppery. Cooks love the aromatic and tender leaved lemon thyme.

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